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The journey of the Truth and Justice Committee has been a long and difficult one. Looking back over the past three years the Committee is deeply honored to extend its appreciation to the following.

We highly honor the ABSDF Central Committee for taking the bold step of allowing the establishment of the Truth and Justice Committee to bring the truth and justice of its  past.  It is a historic initiative. The ABSDF is  the first armed group in Burma that is dealing with its own past by  investigating whether or not the human rights violations took place.

We are grateful for t courageous and extraordinary participation of fellow former members of ABSDF – Northern, and their family members. Even after facing countless difficulties, they took the time to share their stories with us. Without their generous contributions, the report would not have been possible.

 We are deeply saddened by the losses of Aunty Hnin (the mother of Nang Aung Htwe Kyi), Zaw Moe (survivor), who participated but died before the publication of this report.

Meeting of the truth and justice committee
Our genuine appreciation goes to the Embassy of Switzerland of Myanmar for their support to this project when there were not many opportunities for funding this work. We thank you for this.

The Committee is indebted to ongoing assistance  Patrick Pierce and a true friend for their  technical and moral support from the beginning of this work until the end.

The Committee undertook this report with the aim of bringing dignity to the survivors, family members of those killed, the ABSDF, and everyone who was involved with what took place. We hope that it will be the beginning of healing for all.

Finally, we strongly urge the government of Burma, armed groups, and organizations working on human rights to begin taking their own initiatives to  seek the truth, acknowledge the suffering of  victims of human rights violations, and to begin to build justice and peace our country.